Math Puzzle & Mind Games For All Ages

If you’re interested in math puzzles and mind games then the site I have picked out to discuss today will be just what you’re looking for! I’ve looked over their free puzzles and samples and they definitely look like something that will keep you thinking without being boring. I’m a bit of a math guy and I’m always thinking up puzzles for my kids to keep them learning… so I was definitely excited to come across this.  Here’s their description of their site… click on their “our puzzle books” link at the top of their page to see their samples… there are a lot. is dedicated to providing challenging number puzzles and games. Starting with children who are familiar with the basic operations (+, -, *,  and /), these puzzles can be enjoyed by people of all ages. These fun number puzzles and games are intended to educate, motivate, exercise, and stimulate your brain regardless of your age.
Here are a couple of example puzzles you will find on our site.

    1. Using the digits 1, 2, 5, and 8, and the basic operations (+, -, *, /), make all the numbers
1 through 50. Each digit must be used exactly once for each number.
2. Similarly, using the prime digits 2, 3, 5, and 7, make all the numbers 1 through 25.
There are many more different kinds of puzzles on the next page, all designed todevelop and enhance your ‘number sense’ and for having fun with multiplication, division and fractions! Grab a pencil and paper, find a quiet place and get started!
Each puzzle book on the next page has at least a 100 puzzles and usually contains many more. We have included over 350 printable free sample puzzles from the books. The puzzle books will be great if you homeschool and should come in handy especially on rainy days or long road trips. These books are good inexpensive gifts for anyone who loves puzzles.

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