About Us

People like to learn new things. This is true for adults and children. When children are playing with well designed educational toys and when they are participating in educational activities that are FUN they are at their happiest. They may not know that they are doing something that is good for them, but you do. To them they’re having fun! That they are learning is the icing on the cake! This site is all about helping you discover and create fun learning opportunities for your children (preschool through highschool) as well as ideas such as family activities and suggested toys / books.

The original source of content and motivation for this site was my children, and you will see that personal experiences provide many of the items, activities, and other suggestions you will find throughout. Children absolutely love learning as long as it’s fun, and it is actually quite amusing (and amazing) how quickly they can discern between whether something is FUN and whether it is boring and “work”.

Studies show that children learn more and retain information longer when they are learning through activities rather than through passive listening or boring drills. Grownups are the same way, as are all age ranges tested, so we also provide suggestions for educational activities and educational toys for kids, grownups, and in-between. We also have a ton of suggested reading lists, book reviews, and educational materials planned that will be useful for all ages.

Our goal is to help you find interesting activities that are both FUN and educational. The types of activities that we present are learning games, indoor activities (for those days when outdoors just won’t work), outdoor activities, subject games (math specific, reading specific, etc), book reviews, book suggestions, fun family activities, family “field trip” suggestions, and things along those lines.

We know what a challenge it can be to convince young ones to learn and we hope the ideas and suggestions that we provide are as much fun for you to use as it was for us to experience them ourselves!